Congratulations to Robyn Malone who was  accredited as a Clinical Pastoral Supervisor at the National Conference in Perth

Robynne & Bob

SUPERVISORS as at April 2018 
Peter Williams
Clinical Pastoral Educator
Bob Kempe
Clinical Pastoral Educator
Les Underwood
Clinical Pastoral Supervisor
Robynne Malone
Clinical Pastoral Supervisor
John Hewitson
Clinical Pastoral Supervisor
Liz Dyson
Clinical Pastoral Supervisor
Thich Thong Phap
Acting Clinical Pastoral Supervisor
Barbara Messner
Acting Clinical Pastoral Supervisor
Leanne Jenski
Acting Clinical Pastoral Supervisor
Shoshana Kaminsky
Acting Clinical Pastoral Supervisor
Fiona Rice
Acting Pastoral Supervisor
Hakim Oerton
Acting Pastoral Supervisor
David Prior
Acting Pastoral Supervisor
Margie Virgin
Retired supervisor – Life member
John Virgin
Retired supervisor – Life member