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Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) is a unique educational process for people involved in various contexts where they offer spiritual or pastoral care such as Hospitals, Prisons, Schools, Defence Force, Police, Ambulance, Fire Brigade, Aged Care, Nursing Homes or any faith community.

Participants explore how to be present to others who are experiencing distress and how to offer grounded spiritual interventions informed by self-awareness and best practice.

CPE is a form of transformative education and incorporates an Action-Reflection- Action process. 

It has its roots in the Christian Church, but is open to people of all faiths and spiritualities who desire to learn more about what it means for them to practice spiritual care in their own special way. SANTACPE is able to say proudly that we have had Buddhist, Jewish and Muslim supervisors, along with those who come from the Christian faith. 

CPE is an internationally recognised benchmark for spiritual carers. 

This site provides information on CPE programs in South Australia and the Northern Territory, as well as links to and information on CPE within the rest of Australia and the world.

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(A Photo of the some of the SANTACPE Supervisors at our National Conference in 2019)

What people say about CPE:

‘The most amazing learning experience of my life. It transformed the way I understood and practised my ministry. And in the process it transformed me as a person.’

‘I hated it. But I can’t wait to do another unit.’

‘Stimulating. Challenging. Scary. But what a great way to learn.’


 If you are interested in participating in a CPE program contact us.

Ashford Hospital, St Barnabas College and St Andrew’s Hospital have units running in 2024