CPE is an international movement, but without an over-arching, centralised body that oversees all CPE programs. Instead, CPE programs are administered by various national and/or state associations, each operating along similar lines and within generally-accepted CPE principles.

Associations consist of a number of accredited local centres, and these will typically develop CPE programs for their specific situation and needs – but always according to the Standards of the association which has accredited them.

A search of ‘Clinical Pastoral Education’ through Google (or similar) will therefore provide you with links to hundreds of CPE websites and to an abundance of information on CPE… all of it with similar material.

Within Australia, State CPE associations, in addition to SANTACPE, are as follows:

In Victoria, the Association for Supervised Pastoral Education in Australia

In New South Wales, the NSW College of CPE

In Queensland, the Queensland Institute of CPE

In Western Australia, information on their programs can be accessed through the St John of God website.

For information on CPE in Tasmania, check out the Anglican Church in Tasmania website.

New Zealand CPE also has a close bond with the Australian associations:

In Australia, the co-ordinating body for CPE in Australia is the Australia and New Zealand Association for CPE.

And you might like to check out the website of the founding mother of CPE, the Association of CPE in the United States of America.