Margie Virgin’s Farewell

Margie Virgin’s final supervisory presentation. August 6th, 2014

August 6th, 2014, was something of a sad day for SANTACPE, and especially for SANTACPE supervisors; for it was the day Margie Virgin presented her last supervisory reflection at the regular supervisors’ study afternoon. Margie has decided that she will not reaccredit as a CPE supervisor, and so she will complete her work as a supervisor after the ANZACPE Supervisors’ Conference in October.

During her many years as a supervisor, one of Margie’s especially-loved forms of CPE engagement has been the non-verbal presentation. She has, in fact, been something of a pioneer of this form of presentation. And so it was not at all surprising that she donned gardening boots, apron and gloves for this occasion, and proceeded to plant a garden on the floor of the sacred space in Ashford Hospital. In typical Margie form, each of the inclusions in her mini-garden had been very carefully chosen, with a particular supervisory colleague in mind. Her presentation thus became her comment on the varying relationships she has enjoyed with each of those colleagues over the years; and, in turn, those colleagues were then able to reflect on their relationship with Margie as they responded to her garden.

We in SANTACPE have treasured Margie’s participation in SANTACPE for many years. Her early CPE experiences were in Melbourne. But when, then, she along the way met, loved, and married John (who was at that time working in the Daw Park Repatriation Hospital), she settled with him back in Adelaide, and became an important part of the CPE Centre at the Repat.

Supervisors at an education-in-supervision workshop, held at John and Margie Virgin's home in the Adelaide hills. February, 2014
Supervisors at an education-in-supervision workshop, held at John and Margie Virgin’s home in the Adelaide hills. February, 2014

Margie and John also took on the daunting task of working as co-supervisors at the Repat. But, probably more importantly for the SANTACPE supervisory community, they always acted as hosts at the education-in-supervision workshops that were held once or twice each year. Their beautiful log cabin home in the Adelaide hills was the perfect setting for these events.

SANTACPE therefore owes a great debt of gratitude to Margie and John for all they been to SANTACPE. We thank them for their companionship, wisdom and love. And we pray God’s blessing on them in all things.


Thank you, John!
Thank you, John!